October 22, 2014

Etsy Swap 2014

Another Etsy Swap has happened. 

If you didn't get in on this one, you need to next time! Meg and Amy created it, and it's so fun to be partnered with someone and lovingly stalk them to find out the kinds of things they like. 

Then you get to give them some sweet gifts, and BONUS... you get some too from the person who was matched with you!

etsy swap 2014

I was matched with Beth from Oak and Oats. Yall. If you don't follow Beth go do it now! She's awesome! Now if only I could just meet her in real life!! And/or just move to Colorado. That would work too.

Since I have been following Beth for a while, I kind of had some ideas going already, and I knew she had a thing for office supplies like me... I knew what I needed to do. Gold school supplies. Uhm. So much fun stuff!

The rundown:
*Things to do notepad and Adventure journal (TJ Maxx). Is anyone else as addicted to that place as me?
*Gift tags, gold Sharpie, gold alpha stickers, and Nate Berkus pouch from Target. Another addiction.
*Local coffee from a place in our town. Beth said she liked coffee! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

give me jesus journal

My gift giver, Jessica from An Immesurable Joy was so sweet and thoughtful to send me a Give Me Jesus journal. Gretchen from Life Lived Beautifully created these amazing journals. They're so great because they have daily thoughts and passages to ponder on, also allowing for your own study.

Great job Jessica! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!

Go check out what everyone else shared over at Meg & Amy's space!

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October 20, 2014

A little time to Renew

Renew: (v.) to make new, fresh, or strong again. 

This weekend was just that. Time for me to refresh and get a little bit of a recharge. Time to make "new" friendships with people I've been friends with online for some time. All leaving strong myself, and with stronger relationships with great people!.

Thanks to Madison and Rachel and their awesome planning for  Renew Retreat, I'm pretty sure we all had a great weekend!

The mornings were spent with great coffee and homemade biscuits. Uhm. Sweet Potato biscuits. YES.

To me, the best times spent are slow mornings with coffee and people I love.  And that's just what this was. Great food, great friends, and open hearts.

Saturday we all went out exploring, and Meg, Amy, and I decided to practice some shots on each other. 

While I don't necessarily think of myself as a portrait photographer, I did have some great subjects and had fun capturing their fun and beauty. 

It's always a challenge to find cool places to shoot at in the middle of a city, but if you just have an open mind and a little bit of an exploring spirit, you can find some great places. Hence this massive woodpile.

It looks awesome and like we're in the middle of a farm or something. Nope. a little to the left was a weird hotel, and to the right was the weird hotel's weirder laundry room.

If there's one thing I can say to the question of why do I blog... it's this. Real friends. Who potentially would have never met had it not been for these spaces we all write in, sharing our lives.

People may not understand why we blog... and yes, there are lots of reasons, but for me, the community is best.

I'm so thankful for this weekend, where 15 of us got to hang out and get to know each other more, as "real people." 

Because that's all we are. Real people, sharing some of our lives on our little spaces on the Internet.  

And occasionally some really sweet things come from it. 

Side note. I'm really sad we didn't get a big group photo!! Mental note for next time!

And go check out more great fun over at Week's End & Jack of All Trades

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October 17, 2014

Fun Stuff Ahead

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you're getting ready to have a great weekend!

I know I am. Know why? 

Because I'm heading up to these beautiful mountains, to hang out with some online friends who are about to be real life friends! 

Yep. The Renew Retreat starts today! So excited to spend some time with some of these bloggers, get to know them, and take in what I think are some of the best views around.  

Then, next week starts the Allume Conference. Y'all. I am so excited/insanely nervous about this conference! I know it's going to be so incredibly fun/potentially overwhelming. But mostly fun and filled with good stuff! 

So... for the next couple weeks on this space you're gonna find some recaps of the retreat and conference, a little DIY of the blog business cards I created to take with me, the Etsy Swap reveal, and a couple more fun things!

Stick around... I can't wait to tell you all about these fun weekends!!!

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