October 31, 2014

Taking Stock: October

Get the photo? Taking stock? 

I've seen these posts and traced them back to Meet at Mike's blog. The idea is pretty fun... especially for me whose words sometimes don't come. So... here's my first ever Taking Stock.

Making: Lots of entries in my Journaling Bible
Cooking: Weird meals from whatever is left in the fridge at the end of the month. 
Drinking: Chocolate milk in my coffee.... uh. Yum. 
Reading: Unglued. Again. Because yeah. Needed. 
Wanting: This Fall weather to stay all year around.  
Looking: For beauty around me. 
Playing: Ninja Turtles. All. Day. Long. 
Deciding: When to start potty training again. Bleck. 
Wishing: That someone else could come do the potty training. 
Enjoying: Reading more books again instead of spending so much time online. Gasp. 
Waiting: To hear some clear directions from The Lord. 
Liking: Watching our dudes play together. Hard. Because they're boys and they need to wrestle. 
Wondering: Why we didn't get a trampoline sooner. 
Loving: Reading about the people of Iraq through Preemptive Love Coalition
Pondering: Why we allow so many labels into our lives. 
Considering: A move to Squarespace... thoughts??
Hoping: For peace. In general. 
Marveling: At the imagination of a certain resident 4 year old. 
Needing:  To dwell in rest. 
Smelling: Clove bud and orange essential oils. FALL!
Wearing: Cozy long shirts and leggings. Cover the butts yall! Just sayin. 
Following: Momo. Are you? You need to. 
Noticing: The leaves dancing around. 
Knowing: That those leaves dancing are simply artwork from God. 
Thinking: How creative our Creator is. 
Admiring: all the women I met at Allume last weekend and how talented they all are. 
Sorting: Through all the notes from Allume. 
Buying: Christmas presents!!! 
Getting: More used to my manual focus vintage lens.
Bookmarking: She Reads Truth's current study on Hospitality
Disliking: Anger and hate. 
Opening: My heart and my arms.
Giggling: At a kid who says he's really a ninja and thought "he could finally tell us that truth." 
Feeling: Kind of worn out. 
Snacking: on Halloween candy that's supposed to be given out tonight. Whoops. 
Coveting: Sleep. Please come back soon. 
Helping: Myself learn patience while trying to teach a two year old patience. 
Hearing: Said kid telling me "be patient mommy?" 

Yes son... in so many ways.

Be patient. 

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October 29, 2014

I don't know my way home...

...the light broke at the end of the tunnel.

This past weekend I spent at Allume, a conference for bloggers, writers, and creatives. And what I sort of thought was the case, but had no idea of the depth of it, was how much the Gospel was spoken. 

Because gospel is what should be the basis of everything we do... so why not have it be the basis of getting together a huge group of women who all "get" each other and this strange internet thing we do. 

I went into the weekend trying to have my arms open wide, wanting... needing... to receive whatever the Holy Spirit wanted to do in me.

Truth be told,  I was feeling in somewhat of a valley. Whether I got there on my own doing (probably more likely) or it was helped out by just general stuff going on in the small and big world around me, I was feeling a little lost.  And I needed to hear God. 

And I did. 

I'm just not really sure how to decipher what the Spirit was telling me.  I know that words were put to stirrings deep in my soul that I didn't know how to get out. 

Words like "Love First. Ask Questions Later." spoken by Jeremy Courtney.  Ideas of welcoming any and everyone into our lives and homes, no matter who they were, what they looked like, or what they believed.  (listen to his keynote)

Feeling wrecked for people who were genuinely being persecuted for their faith.  Parents telling their children that one day people would come and want to harm them, but to be brave and tell their persecutors that "Jesus loves you and forgives you for what you're about to do" because they'd be ok again soon in Heaven. And then two weeks later that becoming a reality. 

Fully grasping why my stomach gets in knots when I hear or read news reports about things going on in the world, and hearing responses like "just blow them away" or "just turn the place into a parking lot.

Knowing that we didn't feel okay with our neat and tidy lives in the middle of affluent white suburbia. 

Because that's what we are.  So insanely rich compared to our other family members around the world. 

And safe. The safety, literal and mental.

Even though we said we'd fight hard against it... we fell into the trap of a safe bubble. 

And it's been burst. 

It's like the Judah & The Lion song... "the light broke at the end of the tunnel." The proverbial light was the safety of that bubble that we created... all on our own. 

The thing is though, that we don't have answers.  Just the breaking and aching in our hearts that the Spirit is moving. I can't find my way home, but I don't think I want to. 

If "home" is back in that bubble of safety I don't want that. 

Like the song says,  in the mean time we'll be here in the trees, trying to be palms up, arms wide open. 

Ready for the clarity. 

And if you come looking for us, we'll be here... praying and seeking and learning, soaking up the stirring of the Spirit. 

Having fun kicking the leaves while we wait. 

And as I start to digest all this that's swirling around, I'll share more about this awesome weekend over the next little bit. 

Stick around... it should be fun!

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October 27, 2014

30 before 30: October shadow

Happy Monday everybody!

I'm coming off the most awesome weekend spent at Allume! I can't wait to share all about it soon!

While I get my head wrapped around everything I learned and all the awesome people I met, I thought I'd share my 30 before 30 shot from this month.

To be honest... this was taken on the fly, but I kind of love it.

We were just walking in to school to grab Big Bro and the sun was shining on us and I saw our shadows.

Fun and different. Gotta keep you on your toes!

Want to see the rest of the series?

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