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Swing batter batter

Big Bro gets to play t-ball this year... he's a tad bit excited.

We're training Lucy to be the catcher. She's got the "go get it" part down... just giving it back is still a work in progress.

He's pretty intense when he gets in the game... it should be pretty fun to watch!

P.S. Still don't have shrubbery. Know what... there's more important things that putting in landscaping... like saying "yes" to your kid when he asks to play ball.  Because sometimes you just need to let the to do list slide.

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On being a water dog.

Last week we had a couple days of great weather, so we decided to take Lucy on her first trip to the river to "get her feet wet" since she's a water dog.

She needed a little "help" getting in...

But once she did, she loved it.

Except for how cold it was.

Even thought it's not a perfect photo... this made me smile. I mean what else screams "young boy's life" than wet muddy jeans by the river with your brother and dog?

Then she jumped up and bit his butt. Real life people.

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Project 365: Week 10

Real life. Pizza for supper. In the car.

 Signs of life with boys. Headdresses and picture chore charts.

 Cold rain.

Current reads.

Nap time.


View from up top.

This weekend was AMAZING with great weather. I guess to get us prepared a little for this week when it's literally raining until next Sunday. Bleck.

However, maybe it will make tilling up the ground for our veggie garden next week a little easier!

How's your week going so far?

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