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When they're old enough to go to prom...

These people.

They'll forever hold a big part of our hearts.

We met most of them when they were in 7th grade... and now they're old enough to have gone to their senior prom.

Which means they're graduating.

And if I contemplate that too much there will be much emotion. And not much brings emotion like that...

So we'll just look at some photos of their night.

They're fun. We kind of like them. A lot.

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When blog friends become real life friends

It really is kind of crazy how the interwebs can bring people together.

Like Meg, Amy, and I.

I can't remember how long ago I found their blogs, but I knew I loved them.

We got to hang out at a retreat a while back but decided we wanted to hang out again.

So they came to my house and we explored and played with our cameras in the park and had lots of relaxation and food and chats.

Pretty great weekend.

Now we just gotta go to Colorado since Meg's moving. Not a bad problem to have.

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Belated Easter Shenanigans

The day started out with a finally recovered Ninja Turtle (he'd spent the last 4 days pretty sickly.)

The menu was well thought out and included mulch stew. 

Many eggs were hunted down and found.

And much love was shared.

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