The Story of Redemption: Simple Things

I'm a very visual learner. 

And if the idea is presented very visually in a simple way, it makes it sink in all the more.

That's what we experienced on Good Friday. 

An amazing church nearby created "The Story of Redemption." 

There were different rooms for each "act" of the story: 

Act 1-Creation
Act 2-The Fall
Act 3- Rescue
Act 4-Redemption
Act 5- The Restoration of Shalom

The first room was full of images and props to remind us of creation. 

My favorite part was where we were reminded that we are each uniquely created in his image. 

We were asked to place our fingerprint along with the others to remind us of this.  The boys loved this! 

Side note: This was really cool to walk through with the boys. A little hectic and crazy, but cool, because Big Brother is starting to understand some. He was interested (for the most part) in all the visuals and learning about God this way.

The next room was full of sin. And brokenness. And sadness. And darkness.  And despair.

And then I looked out into the stairwell and saw this. 

Total childlike innocence. 

And it made the sadness and darkness and despair that much worse. 

How are we supposed to teach love and peace and beauty in a world full of so much chaos?

Then you remember. 

Because the ultimate sacrificial lamb was nailed to the cross.

 Along with all our sin and death and despair and chaos.

And we did that. OUR sin kept him there. 

Not because he had to. 

Like the Jesus Storybook Bible says: "Jesus could have rescued himself. A legion of angels would have flown to his side-if he'd called."

But he didn't.

Because he WANTED to be there. 
Because of LOVE.

But that's not the end of the story. 

The rest of the story is the Gospel.

That the Kingdom of God is at hand. 

That Jesus Christ came as our Lord.

And died as our Savior.

And resurrected as our King! 

Now, as we wait for the glorious day when we see the restoration of shalom, we remember the Sh'ma.

And we say together as one church:


And this is where I come back to the simple part.

Because nothing about this story is simple.

But that last photo. That's simple.

Love God. Love your neighbor. 

Let's just get back to the simplicity of that. 


 (taken from "The Story of Redemption" booklet given to us as we walked through the church)
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Don Juan: A Happy Cow

Meet Don Juan.

Yep. That's her name. Yep. She's a her.

But she's a Happy Cow. 
We took a trip back out to the farm with some friends last week. (p.s. I can't believe how small our boys are in that old post!)
There's so much to see and do here, but we are all feeling rough from a nasty cold that was about to hit us, so we just checked out the cows, looked at all the veggies, and grabbed some of their famous chocolate milk. 
You can't leave without the chocolate milk. 
I can't wait until our local farmer's market opens in a couple weeks!
It's going to be so fun to go and check out all the fun foods and crafts!
I always think there is so much beauty to be found in places like that! 
*Linking up with Aimee/ Find Beauty Friday*
P.S. Happy Good Friday! I can't wait to show you the beauty of what we're going to see today! Come back for Simple Things Sunday to see!
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Thank You Notes: The Circle

It's that time of the month again. The Circle with Kiki, and this time Jessica too!
So this time we're supposed to write Thank You Notes. And Kiki said we could be funny. 
How about sarcastic? Because that's my love language. 
Here we go:
Thank you o kind neighbor lady for waiting until 10 minutes after I put my kids to bed for nap to mow your grass RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR WINDOW!. I still love you though. 
Thank you stupid sinuses that only start up when I get a minute to lay my tired head down. "Haha! No sleep for you" they say!

Thank you Spring for finally coming. NO THANK YOU for your pollen. 
Thank you my sweet/fighter son for not fighting us on staying in your new big boy bed. Seriously. It's a little bit Twilight Zone up in hurrrr. 
Thank you intense sinus meds for making me feel better/high. Note use of hurrrr in sentence above. 
Thank you to my new life group friends who don't judge when I cross the line with my sarcasm sometimes... sorry about my comment Sunday guys ;) 

Thank you for a new reason to decorate! The Hubs is going to be working from home some so we/I get to decorate his office! LOVE IT! 

This one's not sarcastic. Thank you Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson for this much needed book. And I'm not even one of those "gotta do it all" moms and I still needed to read it!

And last but not least... so thankful for churches who actually love and worship together. Excited to hang out and experience Good Friday in two different expressions of the church tomorrow!

How about you? What are you thankful for? Join the linkup!
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