October 01, 2014

because sometimes you just need to...

...lose yourself in a bookstore.

There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.  -Marcel Proust

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September 30, 2014

Why I Blog

Today I'm joining in on a fun blog tour! I've loved reading about other people's blogging processes, so after Nicki tagged me to join in I was really excited!

I started reading Nicki's blog, t-shirt & jeans, a while back. I love her simple, relaxed style.  She's got tons of great stuff on her blog from diys, to fun photography, and great insight on taking time to be in the things that really matter. 

So for this tour, I'm supposed to answer some questions. Here we go: 

What am I working on?

Other than keeping two crazy boys alive day in and day out?! Ha. No for real. They're crazy.  But for "me" I've got a few photography projects I'm working on, and I'm always trying to learn new things in photography to further my skills. Plus, I'm always trying to stay inspired with my camera, to see all the beauty surrounding me, even in the everyday mundane parts of life.  And my new thing that's proving AWESOME is art journaling in my bible. Love it!

How does my work differ from others?

Hmm... my work. It feels weird calling it that because right now I'm not doing any kind of "paid photography." I'm just documenting our lives. But to me, that matters a TON. Because who else is going to do it? And it goes by way too fast for me to remember it, so I need to take these photos to remember the little details, like how on our last stay in a hotel our littlest dude started lining up the crayons one by one and then crashed his car through them. That memory matters to me. And that's why I believe my work matters... it's important to see the beautiful lives we've been given, in every seemingly insignificant detail. 

What's my writing process?

A lot of the time it's based off of the photo I want to include for a particular day. The thoughts, feelings, and memories from the instant I took that photo.  I don't really write stuff in advance... I just jot down things on my blog calendar and sit down to write, and usually what comes out is what I publish. I like to live on the edge like that... 

Why do I blog?

Short answer... it helps me get out the thoughts and emotions that I don't have the words to say aloud.   I'm a pretty big introvert, plus a little bit weird in my thought process and how I see things, so sometimes saying what I'm thinking or feeling in the moment doesn't work well.  I do way better if I have time to process what I'm thinking and feeling, and then can write it down and not have to worry about how it's coming out.  My blog is also my space to share my photography.  It's not good to let your art sit where it's never seen, so I try to print a bunch of my photos, but blogging them and using Instagram is another way I try to keep it all visible for me to remember why I took it in the first place! My blog is another outlet for my creativity. 

Now... on to other photographers/bloggers I admire...

Christina has a beautiful blog that I've been following for a little while now. Initially, her photography style brought me in. When I was reading her post about "why I'm a photographer" I was shaking my head YES the whole time! 

Kate is another talented photographer that I wish was my friend in real life! Maybe one day right?!  Her photography is beautiful, her faith steadfast, and her family is so awesome!

Kiki is my "friend I've never met in person except over Skype" friend.  Kiki amazes me in her humility and kindness. Her photography is so simplistic and real.  Plus, like my dudes say... Kiki's just cool! 

Check out their blogs for some inspiring photography and beautiful hearts! And then find more great blogs over at Jack of All Trades.

September 29, 2014

30 before 30: September shots

On our trip to Snowbird, I decided to continue with my 30 before 30 self portrait project.

I'm still getting used to the manual focus when I use my old Nikon lens with my Canon camera... and it's fun to try to set it and move the camera.

Normally, I don't like "mirror shots" but for some reason, I kind of like this one.  At first glance, I didn't like it, but as I looked at it more and more I decided the fuzziness of it was kind of cool.  And that orange color? That's true color from the room... everything in that lodge was different types of wood. Really cool... but made for interesting lighting.

And I'm cheating again with these two shots. The Hubs took them... but they're so great I wanted to include them in my project.

I was doing what I dreamed about doing for so long on that trip... sitting on the swing reading. He grabbed the camera and captured me in my element perfectly. I love seeing me how he sees me.

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