December 19, 2014

Deck the halls: Christmas House Tour

Happy Friday! Do you realize Christmas is like 6 days away???

Get excited! We are over here.

Since I've kind of taken you on a tour of most of our home, I thought I'd share some of our (mostly handmade/kid made) Christmas decor.

Does anyone else get overwhelmed with clutter at Christmas time? I do. And I did a slightly bit furniture rearranging last week and moved this shelf into our kitchen. But I think it's perfect now! And it was a great place for the angels this year.

 We've been using The Greatest Experience for our Advent devotional this year. LOVE this. If you didn't get it this year you NEED IT for next year!

This year I had the urge to be different (that's kind of my normal) and solely focus the mantel on Jesus.

The  stockings got moved over to the door, which I think kind of livens up that little corner!

 I bought that Poinsettia like 5 days before I took this photo. WHY DO I KILL PLANTS???

 This star is my version of this pin.  I wish I had wrapped it in the old yellow lights (whatever you call them.) Not the new bright white lights.  Side note. I do not like those new lights. They're strange.

 These creations are also from Pinterest. In case you couldn't tell from mine and our 4 year old's cutting skills... they're R2D2, Chewbacca, C3P), Yoda, and a Storm Trooper.  Because STAR WARS EVERYTHING!

I also print out a ton of printables and hang them on all our doors.

I made the chalkboard ones if you want to grab them for yourself, and I got the map prints here

Do you go all out in decorations or just a few favorites? 

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December 17, 2014

Because sometimes you just need to...

Pretend to be Maverick and Charlie.

Side note... we won best couple's costume at the birthday party because we're kind of awesome.


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December 15, 2014

Fill this house

Well hello there! Missed yall last week.

It was a week... let me tell ya. Started with one boy getting sick over the past weekend, real sick. Then we started dropping like flies. We're still hacking up our lungs but at least we've been able to get out and do things the last couple days.

And then Friday we made one of the hardest decisions we've had to make and put our sweet Daisy dog to a peaceful sleep. 

That dog man. We got her when The Hubs and I started dating and she's literally been with us from the beginning. We followed some advice and wanted to go ahead and let her go before she got really bad, and let me tell ya, the whole thing was NOT what I was expecting.  Very very hard and sad for me.  Ok.  So I decided to take a break from the feeling like I had to post on here and just be in the moment.  Sometimes you just need a break to do life ya know?  Needed to tell yall that... moving on.

Have yall heard of Judah and the Lion? Here... check em out.

They played at Allume, and I MAY have bought all their albums. We kind of love them a tad bit.

Fill This House is one of my favorite songs, and as I was listening to it the other day I decided I wanted to make myself a printable... and then decided to share it!

If you like the one with the border grab it here, and I also made one without a border here.

Enjoy. And go hug your dog k?

Want to see the other printables I've shared over time?

Check out more great stuff at Week's End.

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