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Simple Joys: hobbies.

 It's so fun watching kids grow, trying to figure out what their little personalities will be like.

Most of the time, their roles are switched.  One loves drawing and art, the other loves music.

This day, they apparently decided to try something new, and see what the other loved.

Whatever they end up loving, we hope they love Jesus more than anything, and that their hobbies are reflections of that, whether it be music and dancing or creating works of art.

All things to His glory.

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Project 365: Week 8

2.15: Sleeping fluff ball.

2.16: Best buds in the making.

2.17: The guardians of the breakfast.

2.18: Drying boots.

2.19: School work.

2.20: Leftovers.

2.21: Never-ending candy.

I think we should start calling this series... How many photos can one take of a puppy?

Answer. LOTS.

Hope you don't get tired of them here or over on my Instagram!

So far, Lucy has been a GREAT puppy.  She's done the normal poop and pee in the house, chewed fingers, and cried some in her kennel... but she's doing really great!

We're having to protect her from the "love" of a certain boy.  Know that cartoon character that said "I'll love it and hug it and squeeze it and kiss it!!!" That's this dude.  His love is fierce!

How was your week?

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Project 365: Week 7

 2.8: Lucy's new toy.

 2.9: Dropped breakfast.

 2.10: Learning.

 2.11: Reading to brother.

 2.12: Sizing up.

2.13: Afternoon walk. 

2.14: Loving on Lucy.

We had kind of a slow week, with some sickness hitting us.

Good thing though, we finally got to pick up Lucy! So get ready for tons of photos here and on Instagram with #lifewithlucythegolden.

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