September 01, 2014


Happy Labor Day.  We're heading out to our little town's festival... one of the fave things I love about our town!

Since it's September, I've got a few new projects and things going on.

1. #30Lists: I'm going to be doing my lists over on Instagram. I'd love it if you followed along! You should totally join in too! I'm kind of excited to get my prompt each day and make my lists. I'm not a lister, but I thought this might be fun! I do love Instagram, so I figured incorporating it with photos would be right up my alley. At the end of the month I'm going to print out all my photos and probably make a notebook of all the prompts.

2. Bible Study Fellowship: I'm joining in a BSF group in our area this year. I'm pretty excited. Little info about me... I have a hard time in "women's bible studies" because usually they tend to be a lot of fluff and gossip. BSF was pitched to me by a wonderful lady in our small group saying it wasn't that way at all... that it was true in depth bible study, that I would learn a ton. So here we go!

3. Journaling Bible:  I took Shanna's course  and LOVED it! I immediately ordered a journaling bible to start, and have loved reading and creating art based on God's word. I may have finally found a way I can LOVE studying the bible, because truthfully, sometimes it's hard.

So... with all those things starting up I think I'm gonna give myself some space over here on the blog in September. I'm going to regularly post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, filling in if something AMAZING needs to be shared. I want to have the freedom to enjoy some of the other things I'm into, and not feel like I HAVE to post every day. Make sense?

If you miss me, you can come see me on Instagram, because I'll be posting there lots more!

I can't wait to show you some of my #30Lists, and some pages from journaling bible! Stay tuned! 

August 29, 2014

2 steps to fix a bad color photo

*this post originally appeared on Oh Simple Thoughts.

We've all done it.

Started snapping away and didn't change the camera settings, and out came a really poor photo.

The times I find myself doing this most is when I go from a poorly lit location to a bright or artificially lit location.

I've learned a simple two step fix to help "recover" these photos.

Black and white. 

I know, sounds simple. But it really is! Converting to black and white takes away all the distraction of the colors and lighting being wrong, and creates great contrasting images.

In the photo above, the original was taken under bright florescent lighting and it threw the colors off.  

There were also a ton of colors in the photo, which is sometimes good, but I wanted to create a more dramatic effect.

Here's my simple process that can be done in most any editing program (I use Lightroom, but the idea stays the same across the board).

1. Convert to black and white. Most programs have a button you can push to do this automatically.

2. Don't stop there though. More than likely, you now have a very flat, mostly grayscale photo, with not much contrast or drama. The next step is to bump up your highlights and lights, while bumping down your shadows and darks. (This is the language used in Lightroom, but again, you should be able to find the Tone Curve of any editing program you choose.)

Really simple! And it creates, I think, a more dramatic photo that's easier on the eyes and more pleasing to look at.

Here's another example.

What do you think? Or what's your favorite way to edit "bad" photos?

August 27, 2014

Online Photography Classes + other FREE courses with Craftsy

Have yall heard about Craftsy?  It's this awesome site where there are so many kinds of classes, many of them FREE!

I, of course, chose the above photography course as my first one, but I am now addicted. I can see myself spending way too much time and money on this site! Always keep learning right?

George Lange, the instructor, wrote a book I read a few months ago, and loved it.  So when I saw this course I immediately signed up for it.

The cool thing is that it's "do on your own pace" but you can upload your projects and assignments, ask questions, and communicate with the instructor and the other people taking the class. I loved that part! My 3 year old watched some of the class with me and asked me a question about something Mr. Lange said so I shot him a note in the class! So cool!

This course specifically taught me more about finding the beauty in "normal life" and not so much staged sessions. I love that kind of photography... normal. Cause that's kind of where I am right now!

I can't wait to save up some money and try out some of the other courses!!  There are so many of them... sewing, food, crafts, arts and photography, and tons more. 

A little disclaimer... as a Craftsy affiliate I was given the opportunity to take one free course, and this is the one I chose. But for real... I can't wait to do another one! There are so many options to choose from! Plus... you may want to go check out their affiliate program... they're great! Beware, you'll become addicted too!

August 26, 2014

Finding the shot

I've been taking a Craftsy course, and one of the things the instructors keep talking about is the "hero shot."

It's that shot that's the best of the series, and sometimes you don't even know you have it until you start editing.

The boys fell asleep the other day and I decided to practice my manual focus, since they were still subjects for the moment.

Isn't the noise from this lens interesting? It's vintage... and it wasn't played with for a good 15 year stretch probably, but I think it's pretty cool! 

Come back tomorrow for my full review of the course!! Teaser... LOVED IT! 

So what's your favorite shot of this series? I have mine... 

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