July 22, 2014

Because sometimes you just need to...

Set up a tent in the living room on a rainy day and have movie marathons.

What's your favorite thing to do on rainy days?

July 21, 2014

Instagram Love: July Edition

Cameras in our little phones have come a long way since their creation.

We're now able to use them as another photography tool, tucked nicely into a handy device that most of us have with us at all times. 

There are so many courses even now on taking better photographs with our phones.  I haven't taken any, but they definitely intrigue me.

Lately, I've been trying harder to get some of those better photos, and not just snaps of the day. 

A few of my faves so far from July: 
1.  Learning how to change the oil in a truck... every boy should know how to do this. 
2.  Still trying to be just like Daddy... even though his stuff just doesn't quite fit yet. 
3.  Fresh tomatoes from a friend's garden lining the window sill... signs of summer and community. 
4.  Little Dude coming out of his shell, and in this case becoming a walrus. 
5.  Even though I don't like blueberries, they're so pretty to photograph! 
6.  One of the things Little Dude and I do is point at each other and smile, our way of saying "I see you,      I love you." He was doing this the other morning as I rounded the corner into the kitchen. 

What about you? Do you take more photos with your phones or with your "big" cameras?

If you'd like to see more fun photos of our everyday,  I'm @mewiththethree over on Instagram!

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