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Friends and baseball

Big Bro has started playing t-ball.  All the funny things and cuteness you're imagining? It's real life. And it's awesome.

One night we got to take some of our friends' girls to his practice. It's so funny how little boys know this young to start showing off when the girls come around. He spotted them and smiled big and waved and kept asking them to watch him when he would hit or run the bases.

Afterwards they all had races running the bases.

I wonder if they'll remember nights like these growing up.  Warm sunshine, dirt, bases, balls and bats pinging around.

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We won't be doing that again...

 A few weeks ago, we were invited to a fun picnic at a big company in our town. They had an egg hunt, games, rides, and food... what more can you ask for?


You know that saying "it's all fun and games til someone get's hurt." Truth.

It was real big fun for the two littles... I'm faking it. For their benefit of course. (I don't like rides a whole lot.)

Then it wasn't... sort of.

A little bit into the ride, Little Bro kind of zoned out and I realized he was about to pass out. So I reached over and held his head up for the rest of the ride. Trying to contain the panic.

Then the second the ride stopped he perked back up and said "THAT WAS FUN!" Uhm NOPE.

After having some other things in the past, we're going back to the neurologist today to get another EEG to make sure it wasn't something more than him not being able to handle spinning rides.

Because apparently that's a thing...

At least now we know! Dude can't handle the spinny things!

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Shining Light International

Have you heard of Shining Light International?

I met them at Allume. Speaking of... you need to go this year in October!

Back to Shining Light International. So one of the things this organization does is allow you to host scarf parties where you get to see the beautiful infinity scarves and grab some up.  I may have gone a little crazy and purchased a ton.

I mean how can you NOT when it's a pretty scarf and it's from a great organization???

Go check out Shining Light International and get your scarf party planned... you're gonna love it!

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