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A ramble.

Hey everybody!

Did you even notice I hadn't posted since May? That's because as I was taking those last photos of those kids (not so much kids anymore) going to prom, we had some huge stuff going on behind the scenes.

Short story... we moved! Back to the place we lived a couple years ago... to go back into full time ministry. WHAAATTT?

Yeah. I know. Tell me about it.

It all happened over a good long while, but not many people knew what was going on in our hearts, and then God started to move and show us where to move, and then the actual move happened WAY faster than we thought. And things here were so crazy laid out by God, and we got a house here that's amazing, and we're back into full time ministry. And we love it, and know 100 percent this is where we're supposed to be.

That's a ton of info in a very short paragraph. The moral of the story... we've had a crazy summer. And different things started taking up my time and I kept meaning to get on here and type out a post, but it just never happened.

And honestly, it probably would still be crickets, but Allume is next week and I feel like I should kind of get on the ball with this blog thing again. Or maybe not.

It's been kind of nice focusing on different things like building relationships here, in real life. Actually getting to know our physical next door and all around us neighbors. Making a house a home. Reading more books. Making more art. Those kinds of things. Not better things... just different things.

I do know one thing... there probably won't be anywhere near as frequent postings as before. And I'm ok with that. I just don't think I'm ready to throw in the towel just yet... and I have a feeling I'll be leaving Allume with a new perspective.

So... there you have it... a rambled mess of what we've been doing.

Stick around if you want... we'll see what happens!


When they're old enough to go to prom...

These people.

They'll forever hold a big part of our hearts.

We met most of them when they were in 7th grade... and now they're old enough to have gone to their senior prom.

Which means they're graduating.

And if I contemplate that too much there will be much emotion. And not much brings emotion like that...

So we'll just look at some photos of their night.

They're fun. We kind of like them. A lot.

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When blog friends become real life friends

It really is kind of crazy how the interwebs can bring people together.

Like Meg, Amy, and I.

I can't remember how long ago I found their blogs, but I knew I loved them.

We got to hang out at a retreat a while back but decided we wanted to hang out again.

So they came to my house and we explored and played with our cameras in the park and had lots of relaxation and food and chats.

Pretty great weekend.

Now we just gotta go to Colorado since Meg's moving. Not a bad problem to have.

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