August 22, 2014

A Mighty River

A friend of ours, Jeremiah Jones, an amazingly talented singer/songwriter/worship leader, wrote a song called "Mighty River," the title track for his newest album.

I was listening to this song the other day, and the last line made me stop what I was doing and really hear it again. 

"when fear dims the light of my vision, 
when sin steals my will and resolve. 
Your mercy, I will remember, 
that a river of your blood ran down the cross.

You are a mighty river, 
A reservoir for the thirsty soul.
My God, and my Deliverer, 
You are the only One who makes me whole."

With all the bad going on in the world around us it's kind of hard not to start questioning why. 

But then I remember... He knows. He knew. 

His blood ran down the cross for this broken world. 

It's nothing new to Jesus. 

So even though it get's hard and pretty bleak sometimes, we can rely on the knowledge that God has it all under control.


Kind of on those same lines, another bloggy friend, Chantel, wrote an ebook about waiting. 

Whether it's waiting on something specific in this world, or sometimes just waiting for Jesus to come back and make it all better, she's got some great wisdom and insight to hear. You should totally go grab her book and read it! 

*This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts expressed are absolutely mine. I love these products and want you to love them too!

August 21, 2014

Allow Me To Introduce: Kiki's Insta Faves

Kiki is my bloggy friend. She inspires me in so many ways, so I wanted to share her with you guys today. We decided to trade blogs today, so check out her insta-faves and then go check out mine over on her blog too!

Here's Kiki:

Ah, Instagram. One of my most favoritest social media networks out there. It may be because I'm a visual person, but I love scrolling through and seeing other people's perspectives and a glimpse into their lives--as beautiful or messy as it can be.

When Meg suggested a guest post and asked if I'd like to share a few of my fave instagrammers, I said yes without hesitating. That girl is a genius when it comes to blog posts.

Oh, and if you check out her faves on my blog, you'll notice we share a fave in common. Can you guess which one?

 photo 10488777_269984079872341_627335399_n.jpg
image via annapolisandco
MaryBeth is not only a talented writer/blogger, but one amazingly talented photographer, too. She inspires me to live simply, savor the everyday moments, and find the beauty in my crazy life. Her instagram feed is full of photos of her adorable family, amazing recipes, and just the beauty she discovers everyday, too. She's by far my favoritest instagrammer out there.

 photo 10488643_1481291402111403_716338156_n.jpg
image via nannerburns
I started following Anna's blog first because she's not only a teacher, but she's also got a certain zest for life that I love. She's one of the most optimistic and adventurous instagrammers out there, too. When I'm having hard days, seeing her photos in my feed brightens my mood and I think it will do the same for you, too.

 photo 10624205_564756996980435_1532398087_n.jpg
image via danielleburkleo
Danielle's feed has always been a fave of mine but has more recently become even more of a fave since she adopted an adorable kiddo. I often find myself smiling from seeing her adorable kiddos, after reading some of her sweet wisdom and love for Jesus, and/or getting a kick in the butt to get back into running.

 photo 10507956_1442704509325047_87018255_n.jpg

I started following Samantha's blog a few months ago and was in awe of her photography skills and her ability to write about Jesus impeccably. She's got such a beautiful soul and it's seen in her blog, Instagram photos and her life, too. Oh, and did I mention she lives in the beautiful country of Australia?

So tell me, who are your fave instagrammers right now?

August 20, 2014

The Circle: Closet Confidential

Today I'm joining in with a really fun linkup with Kiki and Jenna called Closet Confidential where we share some fun stuff from our closets. 

While I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, I do like thrifting, finding bargains, and appreciating great clothing pieces when I come across them. 

My oldest item is a vintage Mexican dress I found on Etsy. It was originally a dress, but we took it up, and then made it into a shirt. I wear it way more now that it's a shirt.

My newest item is a new pair of Minnetonka moccasins. I had some before and LOVED them, but as I wore them EVERY DAY they stretched and stretched. Word of advice? Get a size down. That's what I did with this new pair and I bet after a few wears they'll be perfect. 

The most expensive is my bag.  It was a big splurge on The Hub's part... but it is well loved and used!

Three favorites are my new & yet to be worn scarf from Anthropologie (major clearance!), my vintage Dansko clogs from Ebay, and my Patagonia vest. I wear those shoes a TON in the Spring and Fall, and that vest probably WAY too much in the Winter. 

The best bargain EVER is that Lucky Brand dress. Story... we were at the beach and decided to go into the store (which I never do because we know not to go in stores where we'll fall in love with too expensive things) and went to the clearance racks. I saw it. I grabbed it. I didn't even look at the size. All I cared about was the 95% if sticker. Why? Some of the embroidery was coming loose. WHAT??!!!! I was literally almost skipping to the register when I figured I should maybe at least see what size it was... MINE!!! Que the bargainista fairies singing!!! It came home. It has been loved. I will forever keep it just because it was a $7 dress from Lucky Brand. 

There you have some of my faves... go check out the others in the linkup!! 

August 19, 2014