November 26, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Christmas Card Photo

Just in case you THOUGHT we could take some great photos...

Here's what really happens... For your viewing pleasure and laughter, SOOC.

You can see that I progressively get a little more frustrated... #5 shows how I really feel about the situation.

The longer it takes the funnier it gets... so this year, just be forewarned. Our cards may not be pretty... but they're pretty much us.

Now to go and order them from Minted.... have you ordered yours yet? Little hinty hint... there's a good sale coming on Black Friday

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November 24, 2014

Because sometimes you just need to...

Go out and be the church.

We know how easy it is to go to the store and buy stuff for people who may not be able to fill their buggies when they go. But so often we just don't do it because we don't know how or who to give the stuff to.

Last Sunday, instead of staying all together in our church building, we were tasked to get up, get our kids, and go to the grocery stores, purchasing items from a list. Then we were to bring them back to set up to give out during a Thanksgiving community meal. 

Such a simple way to go out and be the church. 

Like the sign going out of our church building says, "The Gospel Goes In You." Have you thought about that? It really does. And doing simple things like this can speak so much love to others. 

P.S. Can we talk about how stinkin cute that little girl is. I mean, I think we have the cutest kids in the world, but our friend's kids come in a close second ;) We think she should be a toddler model. 

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November 21, 2014

New Bible Art Journaling Pages + Free Printable

Happy Friday! I've been slowly adding pages to my journaling bible, through doodles, stickers, and sometimes watercolor.

I was honored to share some of my pages over on Shanna Noel's blog earlier this week... go check her blog out! She's my inspiration!!!

Coming back from Allume, Jeremy Courtney's keynote on Preemptive Love was stuck to me. I loved their quote "love first, ask questions later." I knew I wanted to make it a page. This is probably my most "scrapbooky" page. Lots of stickers and cutouts. But I love it!

My other new favorite is this page I made in Matthew 19. Children are loud. And they distract. And sometimes it's easy to get frustrated when you're deep into a study or reading... but I need to remember that Jesus didn't think of them that way. He WELCOMED them. They're beautiful little distractions.

I made this printable kind of to be used as bookmarks for myself... but I realized they're a great size to stick in the margins and decorate. So if you want to get into art journaling in your bible, these might be a great start! You can just print them out and decorate them, and stick them in your bible with washi tape! Grab yours here.

Do you guys journal in your bible or do any kind of art work from your studies or prayers?

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